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Privacy & Security Policy

PCG Screening Services, LLC will strive to maintain the utmost integrity by using the following guidelines to protect against any misuse, loss, or alteration of information.

  • Personally identifiable information on clients or applicants will be stored in a secure location with locks.
  • All devices used to access information must keep hardware and virus protection up to date.
  • All devices must have automatic logoffs and be password protected.
  • Monitoring and logging of all user activities.  
  • Consumer information is only collected at the specific, written Authorization of the consumer. Information is collected only to facilitate background checks for employment screening (for hire, retention, promotion or reassignment), tenant screening, volunteer screening or employee investigations for reason of suspected workplace misconduct or wrongdoing
  • Website uses a secure server (SSL) and information stored on website is encrypted.
  • Passwords will be required to access computer data.
  • Strong passwords containing eight characters to include letters, numbers and symbols are required for clients.
  • Information will only be shared on a need-to-know basis or when required by law.
  • No client or applicant information will be sold or shared with third parties except to complete the request unless required by law.
  • The reporting of accurate data will be maintained by using reliable sources and encouraging clients to contact our office concerning erroneous information before making an adverse decision.
  • All Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations will be practiced.

All data received from third parties are reviewed by PCG Screening Services personnel before completing a final report for client.

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