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Background Services

  • Social Security trace – This report provides a list of addresses at which the applicant has reportedly lived over a specified period of time as well as other names they have reportedly used. These records are obtained from sources like credit bureaus and commercially complied databases. While the process of collecting & reporting the data for the social trace is not perfect, it still can be an invaluable and cost effective tool to identify addresses where you might want to run a criminal search.
  • Sanctions List Search – OFAC, OIG and other sources of published individuals, groups, and entities that generally U. S. Persons are prohibited from dealing with.
  • National Criminal Database Search – Seven year search. Convictions only reported. Client must specify if later records are needed. Name and date of birth must match. You may contact our office for a more detailed list of coverage.  
  • Sex Offender Reports
  • Credit Reports – in order to receive credit reports, the user must be credentialed by a third party. Contact our office for further details.
  • Driver History Records
  • State Criminal Records
  • Federal Criminal Records - This search covers crimes tried in a federal court. These cases are not in state or local county records. (ie. racketeering, money laundering, large drug charges, crimes committed on federal property, etc). Initial results are possible name matches only. No further ID available at this level of the search. Further research at the federal courthouse must be requested to obtain further identification, especially when information may cause an adverse decision.
  • Criminal County Record
  • Civil County Records.
  • International Criminal Records
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Landlord Verification
  • Statewide Eviction Records

Human Resource Services

  • Prepare or Update policy and procedure manuals
  • Help with employee on-boarding
  • Develop legal interview questions for your specific positions
  • Set up your personal filing system
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Compensation analysis

Drug Testing

  • Ask us how you can save 7.5% on your workers compensation Contact us for a reliable provider in your area.
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